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Sometimes, 8-bit life can go through funny twists and turns. We thought hard about how we could end 2017 at on an uplifting note, and in the end the note came to us on its own.

Maybe you’ve heard of the fine Atari folks who not only invented the wonderful MultiJoy interface (which allows you to connect eight joysticks to a single 8-bit Atari) but–even more wonderful–keep it alive through an endless stream of new multiplayer party games and patches to old games to work with it. These people have now updated the design of MultiJoy so that it will work also with the Commodore 64.

This is very good news because MultiJoy is extremely easy to code for and at a time when new hardware projects are often fragmenting the scene further instead of uniting it, it will be nice to have a device that works across several platforms.

Just as with the old version of the device, its schematics will be freely available, so the more skilled 8-bit enthusiasts will be able to build a MultiJoy on their own. Talks are now being held about how to bring it to the less skilled of us. There seem to be doubts about how many people out there would be actually interested in buying MultiJoy. As far as we know, we’re talking about a price point of around EUR 30.- (which, incidentally, is the price of a Competiton PRO joystick at Individual Computers, so we think getting an adapter for 8 joys for your 8-bitter for the same money would be a good deal).

We’ll let you know when the schematics go online and if there’s a way to order the adapter. As we are publishing this news with an explicit permission of the designers, the best you can do to support making a batch of MultiJoys manufactured is leave a comment expressing your interest under this article.