Potentially Asked Cuestions

Most FAQ sections in the internet don’t feature questions that are really asked, let alone frequently. Usually, they’re more of a self-promo, like “Is it really possible that your product is so cool?” or “Do I get any [benefit that the owner wants to promote]?” We at are straightforward folks, so we offer you PAC instead: Potentially Asked Cuestions.

Q: Why don’t you supply download links of reviewed games?
A: Most of the games we write about are available at the locations we point to in the LINKS section at the bottom of our front page. When it comes to new games, they’re often developed by enthusiasts who host them on their private websites. When we get in touch with the people about whose works we write, we try to get their approval for linking to their sites first. We don’t want to blow their traffic limits. If you’re truly interested in those games, Google is your friend.

Q: Will you review a Gameboy or Famicom game one day?
A: Yes, some of them are planned, but our goal is to review mostly games on major 8-bit computers we’ve grown up with, rather than consoles.

Q: Why is Disqus used for the comments?
A: We want to avoid spam and bots, so we decided to use a third-party service that is safe for you, the readers, and for us as well. Not having to deal with thousands of spam comments per month means we get to write and you get to read more articles.

Q: Why is your English … well … slightly weird?
A: We’re not native speakres, as some of you might have noticed already. We’re doing our very best, though. If there are any cardinal sins against the English grammar, feel free to let us know via comments. We’ll be happy to learn from you!

Q: Why don’t you have a YouTube channel?
A: The aim of this site is to publish articles. For reading. For readers, for gamers. Not for passive video watchers. There are plenty of YouTubers reviewing 8-bit games. We don’t want you to watch a letsplay and just consume the content passively. We want the 8-bitters to stay alive, so we want you to play the game instead, like back in the days when a review in a paper magazine and a few juicy screenshots made you want it so baaad!

Q: XY has been released few days ago and I love it. Why can’t I find a review of it at
A: Look at very carefully. Noticed the overwhelming amount of ads? Right, is a non-profit project that is being done in our spare time. The entire staff currently consists of just two 8-bit freaks, so whatever we do, we can’t learn about every new game release. If you know about a new game and want to know our opinion, point us to it, and if we’re not totally swamped, we might review it. But please keep in mind that writing a quality review takes a lot of time, last not least because playing a game so that you get more than just a superficial impression of it takes a lot of time, too.

Q: Are you mega super retro 8-bit gaming addicted nerds?
A: Y3s! To the point that for us, 8-bitters aren’t retro. They’re our present.

Q: Can you perform a Quirkafleeg?
A: You know, it’s not so difficult. You just…