Welcome to 8-Bit Stuff!

Welcome to 8-BitStuff.com, the home of the living 8-bitters!

This site is dedicated to 8-bit computers and the software (and occasionally hardware) around them. In case you’re wondering what 8-bit computers – or simply 8-bitters – are: they’re the microcomputers that were on the top of home entertainment popularity in the 1980s and early 1990s; all those Ataris, Commodores, (Sinclair) ZX Spectrums, and others.

“Ah, you mean retrocomputing,” you might say now. Well, we do, and we don’t. Retro, the way it is mostly used these days, often implies pure nostalgia. “Those were the days!” retro people say. “These are the days!” we say. For us, our 8-bit pets are still very much alive and kicking. New games are being programmed, new hardware is being developed, and talking to our friends, we find out every day that many people who would love to hear of that have no idea about it.

“So, what exactly are you going to cover here?” a person interested in 8-bit computing might ask now. Thank you very much – we love people who ask the right questions at the right time. Let’s face it; in spite of its whopping 3 MHz clock speed, you probably won’t use a Spectrum to calculate the first seven billion decimal places of pi, so we’ll focus on what the 8-bitters have always been most famous for: games.

We’ll be looking at 8-bit games from all kinds of angles. You can expect profile articles with funny trivia on well known games, game series, or game authors. We’ll write about games that are less known but all the more worth playing. And we’ll spice it all up with occasional interviews. We’ll also cover relevant hardware, like the easy to build Atari MultiJoy adapter that enables connecting up to 16 joysticks for multiplayer games on the Atari 8-bit.

And we’ll be looking at all kinds of games:

  • Old. Because those are the games that everyone remembers, the classics everyone loves to return to. Our first goal is to be the go-to place for a pleasant reading on the most pleasant games and for an inspiration for what to play on your 8-bitter (or in an emulator).
  • New. This is where we intend to add value to contemporary 8-bit journalism. There are several servers that publish news on 8-bit projects if they receive them. But we can’t shake the feeling that they take them just as a kind of fodder for the article pipeline. They don’t follow up. Too often it happens that you can see a news bit on a new game in the works, but when the actual release happens, it isn’t covered. 8-BitStuff.com will closely follow new game projects from the day we learn of them till the day they get released. So our second goal is not only to be the go-to place for news on new games but also a place for creators to see interest in their work and ask for help where needed, gamers to give the creators feedback, and fellow enthusiats offering help with overcoming obstacles in the development, thus helping with completion of more projects.

Enjoy the 8-bit stuff!

Akio Tenshi, Jason Wotnau

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